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Wednesday, 12 June 2013


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June 2013 London Street Sculpture Series for the British Red Cross

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This project was planned in collaboration with the British Red Cross for Refugee week, with the aim of highlighting the positive contributions refugees have made to British history and culture. We have focused on various iconic figures, each with their own refugee origins: 
~ Lucian Freud, Freddie Mercury, Lord Richard Rogers and Sir John Houblon~

The following images for this project were taken either by myself or British Red Cross Photographer Matthew Percival and are acknowledged respectively.  For comments or general questions please feel free to email me at cc_art@live.co.uk  

Sculpture recreating the scene of the artist Lucian Freud painting his famous portrait of Sue Tilley- known as 'Benefits Supervisor Sleeping' (1995). 
Photograph by Matthew Percival.

Photograph by Matthew Percival
Meeting Sue Tilley- Freud's 'Benefits Supervisor'
Sculpture of the late Freddie Mercury- the iconic lead singer of 'Queen', who fled the Zanzibar revolution with his family in 1964
Photograph taken by myself

Sculpture outside the Dominion Theatre, London.
Photograph taken by myself

Sculpture depicting my artistic impression of Lord Richard Rogers at work. Rogers is the architect behind the millennium dome/o2 arena in Greenwich, London. 
Photograph by myself 

Photograph by Matthew Percival

Sculpture of Sir John Houblon- the first governor of the Bank of England. Houblon was the grandson of a Huguenot refugee.
Photograph by Matthew Percival

Photograph by Matthew Percival

Sculpture depicting Syrian Refugees and a red cross worker- intended to highlight the support given by the red cross to those facing destitution and crisis.
Photograph by Matthew Percival

 vv Below vv 

Street Sculptures and communicating a story/message: The street sculptures and concept Ads I created on this blog (most recent first) came about as I wanted to try and develop an original way of combining street art with portraying a thought-provoking message. A key aspect of the majority of these sculptures focuses on isolated individuals who have fallen through the cracks of society but who nonetheless show a resilience and human spirit in the face of adversity. Therefore, the concept Ads, slogans and messages I have created are in keeping with this and are aimed at highlighting certain societal issues such as Homelessness, Substance Abuse, Health and Lifestyle Choices.

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