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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Street Sculpture Project Part VI- 'Winter Warmer'

The sixth part in the series- 'Winter Warmer' shows the resilience of the human spirit against a harsh urban environment as two homeless friends gather around an outdoor fire in Winter- their eyes and weathered faces glinting from the flames. The result is aimed at highlighting some of the struggles faced by the homeless, particularly in Winter. I wanted to do something a bit different to my previous sculptures so decided to include a real fire when shooting the photographs, which I feel creates a more life-like, dynamic viewing experience.The aim of the concept Ad is to create an eye-catching and interesting way of looking at a problem within society, whilst offering a way for people to quickly and easily make their own donations to the homeless charity.

Concept idea for 'Shelter' Homeless Charity

Photoshoot in Waterloo.

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