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Wednesday, 17 October 2012


My first in a series of miniature clay street sculptures I have made and placed around central London. The First two photographs were done as a concept for Etch Hype clothing label (www.etchhype.com), but the words being pasted in the message on the wall are ideally interchangeable in different versions of this image.

The colour of these sculptures has been kept to a minimum (black and white) as I wanted their real impact to come from other factors such as their surroundings- (where they have been placed and what they are looking at/interacting with).


  1. All these sculptures are so fascinating and powerful! Do you leave them in these places or do you take them with you after shooting? I'd love to find out the locations of them and check it out if they're still hanging about London!

    1. Thank you! The ones on this blog were not left at the location but there will be a week in June where a series of new sculptures will be left in London for people to look at!



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